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Newsletter ideas


An email newsletter is always a fantastic tool to keep in touch with your users. However, it may be hard to come up with new ideas for your newsletter strategy. That’s understandable: to create and put up an engaging communication with fresh solutions is a pretty difficult task.

We recommend first of all to focus on the right design: that is why we have collected 300 professional templates differentiated according to various categories and industries, so to allow you to choose the right one for your needs.

But apart from that, you can still feel a bit short of solutions – especially if you have to write several different emails a week for your customers. So here’s a list of 10 newsletter ideas that you may find useful to blow some fresh air to your content and write a great mass email:


  1. Provide some case studies. People love to see concrete cases and real numbers proving that your product actually works. So give them!
  2. Be more personal. It can be a good idea to be a little less formal and try a more emotional, personal approach: making your customers to feel closer and letting them know that you really care about them. Of course, always observe the limits posed by your own brand identity: if you’re selling flowers online you can be nice and funny; if you’re a news agency, well, it’s clearly different.
  3. Share reading tips. Don’t restrict yourself to company news and information – especially when you don’t have nothing really relevant to tell. Your users will like to get some suggestions about other content, and your newsletter will be perceived also as a source of interesting stuff.
  4. Open up your company doors. Make your users know who works in your business: staff profiles, photos, who does what etc. It will help to create a deeper sense of intimacy and humanity: if you want to know better your users, then begin introducing yourself first!
  5. Share interviews. Interviews – also video interviews – can be a life-saver when it comes to focus deeper on some matter: a new product, a case study, etc. You can do also internal interviews with your staff.
  6. Engage your customers with quizzes and polls. Or even better, a poll put as a quiz. That will also provide you great data about your users.
  7. Don’t forget the events. Is there any upcoming event organized by your company? A meeting, a panel, or also an online lessons scheduled for a particular moment? Tell it in advance to your users.
  8. Provide answers. Have a talk with your customer service and put down a series of frequently asked questions – the real ones, the ones that people ask all the time. Then write the answers and share them with a newsletter, getting two birds with one stone: some fresh content for your email, and ready-made solutions for your customers.
  9. Ask the business owner to write something himself. Especially when it comes to announce a brand new product, it may be nice to hear it from the big boss: it feels like he really cares about it, and the customer will appreciate.
  10. Think like a publisher. This is our final advice, the most general and maybe the most important as well. Imagine yourself like a publisher who’s giving valuable information, not just like someone hitting “Send” and blasting out an email. Dare, try, and take care of your readers.


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