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Email templates for Thunderbird


Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most reliable and popular email client. If you use it to send messages where some elements need to be constantly put – like your brand image, your digital signature etc. – it’s a good idea to save an email a template in order to re-use it whenever you like and simply changing any variable information.

That is an easy solution for one-to-one communications or internal mass emails; but you should remember that when it comes to build an email campaign with Thunderbird, it’s definitely advisable to opt for a professional HTML email template. Something that will convey your content in a coherent flow with an enticing graphical aspect.

That is why we offer a package of 300 different templates sorted by industry and fully customizable: just download the software, pick up the layout you prefer, import it to Mozilla Thunderbird and edit it as you like. Our templates are crafted by professional email designers, and are fully tested against all clients and webmails to guarantee a perfect rendering. You can also try 10 free samples to get acquainted with the tool.


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