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Download email templates or MailStyler Newsletter Creator

Email Templates Collection 1 is a software built to display 300 professional email templates (10 free templates immediately available), making it extremely easy to preview, download and edit them as you like.

Each template has been designed by professional designers and marketing experts, and is compatible with all major clients.

Do you want to build your own personalized layout? With MailStyler, you can: hassle-free and without writing any HTML code.

MailStyler is the simplest and most powerful newsletter creator on the market. You will be able to compose unlimited templates in seconds, with a simple series of drag-and-drops — and with the certainty that they will always render perfectly on all clients and webmails.


For Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8   |   Version 1.05   |   Rel. date 04/07/2013