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Newsletter templates for MailChimp


A good newsletter template is undoubtedly one of the most important features of a great email marketing campaign. If you’re using the popular platform MailChimp to send your emails, then, you will need an enticing, lightweight layout where to put your content and provide the best reading experience for your customers.

As the average corporate user sends and receives more than 100 emails per day (skimming more than actually reading), you can imagine how hard it can get to drive the user’s attention. So getting the right template for your offer is extremely important: it will inevitably affect the whole campaign, in terms both of impact and conversions.

That is why we have collected 300 awesome templates for different industries and themes, in order to provide the best layout for your business. All templates have been tested and resulted compatible with the most popular email clients, so to guarantee a perfect rendering everywhere.

You simply need to download our showcase-software (where they are automatically displayed and sorted by category), browse them and import to MailChimp the one you need. Once you have put the template in MailChimp’s editor, you can customize it as you wish adding your content, brand images and whatever else you like.


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