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Templates for aWeber


If you use aWeber to send out promotional mass emails, you must be perfectly aware that email marketing is not a thing of the past: on the contrary, it’s still one of the most effective tools to promote your business and interact with your customers. Provided, of course, that the newsletter campaign is carefully put up following all best practices – one of the most important being a beautiful email template.

That is why we have collected a collection of 300 professional templates that works perfectly with aWeber (and with any other email marketing software, of course). You simply need to download our software, browse among the different industry types, select the right layout and import it in aWeber. Then you can add your content, change blocks and add images freely: all templates are fully customizable.

We are happy to underline that our templates have been also tested on all major email clients and webmails, resulting 100% compatible with them: so to guarantee an excellent rendering for all users.


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