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Compatible templates for clients


It’s crucial for a newsletter template to be fully compatible with all major mail clients and webmails: in fact, it’s always possible that an email is showed differently depending on which client the recipient is using.

A layout can look great on Outlook but bad on Hotmail… That is why our templates have been tested against all clients to make it sure that all your users will visualize them in the very same way.

See some examples

How to get an email template for Outlook

If you send a mass message with Microsoft Outlook and think to use its layout again, it can be a good idea to save it as an email template (*.oft format). However, if this is a very practical tool…

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Email templates for Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most reliable and popular email client. If you use it to send messages where some elements need to be constantly put – like your brand image…

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